Successful Tournament Showcases Katana Gaming Spring Open Call of Duty Mastery at The Wired Lobby

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The first weekend in March, The Wired Lobby in Middlesbrough played host to a thrilling LAN event organized by Katana Gaming, drawing 32 teams and countless spectators. The anticipation surrounding the Spring Open was palpable, with all team passes selling out within an astonishing 11 minutes, setting the stage for an unforgettable experience.

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For two action-packed days, The Wired Lobby buzzed with excitement as gamers battled it out, captivating audiences both onsite and via Katana’s streaming channels. Ultimately, it was Noctem Esports who emerged victorious, clinching the Grand Final against Gamblers Anonymous in a thrilling showdown.

Call of Duty Spring Open Grand Final

The event showcased the prowess of competitive gaming and served as a catalyst for promoting the Call of Duty LAN scene, particularly in Middlesbrough and across the UK. Local businesses reaped the benefits of increased foot traffic, underscoring the positive impact of such gatherings on the community.

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Reflecting on the success of the event, Edwin Ford, MD of The Wired Lobby, expressed immense satisfaction, remarking, “It was an amazing event and everything I dreamed of when we first set out on this journey a few years ago, the first of many tournaments we hope.”

The Wired Lobby Katana Gaming Spring Open Champions Noctem Esports

Jacques Heffernan, CEO of Katana Gaming, echoed Ford’s sentiments, praising the collaborative efforts of their team in orchestrating a triumphant return of UK Call of Duty LAN events. “Incredible weekend, with incredible people! I am so proud of the Katana Gaming staff delivering the first successful UK Call of Duty LAN in years in the heart of Middlesbrough at The Wired Lobby! Thanks to all that attended,” Heffernan remarked.

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